eyelashes for days – growth serum {diy}

diy eyelash growth serum-3
i’ll come right out and say it. i am cheap. spending $150 on eyelash growth serum – i can’t even.  especially when i can make my own for way less (i mean like $140 less) and with just a few ingredients.  the recipe is simple and in the end you have au natural beautiful luscious, long bambi style lashes.  now, that extra $140 can go towards a new pair of sunnies i’ve been eyeing.  check it out.


to diy – here’s what you need:
+ 1/3 c coconut oil ( nutiva is the best!)
+ 1/4 c castor oil
+ small bottle & make-up or paint brush

diy eyelash growth serum

to apply – here’s what you do:
every night after your washing face and all makeup is removed, gently coat your eyelashes with the serum.
(i like to apply the brush close to my lash-line, then use my finger to evenly distribute the serum to the tips of my lashes. repeat to lower lashes.  i recommend doing this before bedtime as the serum is oily and while not harmful if it gets into your eyes, just makes your vision a bit blurry. try it and lemme know what you think!



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