eyelashes for days – growth serum {diy}

diy eyelash growth serum-3
i’ll come right out and say it. i am cheap. spending $150 on eyelash growth serum – i can’t even.  especially when i can make my own for way less (i mean like $140 less) and with just a few ingredients.  the recipe is simple and in the end you have au natural beautiful luscious, long bambi style lashes.  now, that extra $140 can go towards a new pair of sunnies i’ve been eyeing.  check it out. Continue reading “eyelashes for days – growth serum {diy}”

last minute easter inspiration {diy}

easter diy mason jars

i just looked up and realized that easter is in 4 days! what?!  you in the same boat, too? ok, no problem. we got this. you + me + my good friend, Pinterest who always comes through for some last minute-diy-inspo. (links to images below).  if you want more, check out my board for tons of other great ideas.

diy easter inspiration

diy easter chocolate bark with pastel candy eggs

diy paper rabbit decorutensil roll up napkin

diy flower egg vase with face and holding pink and white flowers.

diy easter eggs with baby's breath halos and faces

easter diy mason jars

diy how to dye easter eggs naturally

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